At home with stylist Beatriz Monteiro

The stylist, personal shopper and professional closet organiser shares her wardrobe essentials and how she found her style.

The current times we’re facing are frustrating, yet they’ve also allowed us to do things we’ve probably been pushing away, like organising our clothes and getting our closets in order. We paid a visit to stylist Beatriz Monteiro’s home, to take a look at her wardrobe and learn how she curates her looks. A big vintage and second-hand fan, her tips are practical and fascinating: Take a look!

Bea, what are your wardrobe staples?

“Blazers: I love them and wear them very frequently, mostly with trousers or jeans. I like combining a sporty or relaxed look like jeans and sneakers with something elegant like a nicely cut blazer.”

“White t-shirts — I have a collection of them in different fabrics and styles. A white tee is a classic piece and extremely easy to style: I dress them down, or wear them under a blazer for a more stylish look.”

“High-waisted pants in dark colours are another favourite: I find them very easy to combine with other pieces. I can wear them with a tee or a casual top, but also dress them up with a great blouse.”

“Striped tees and tops are a great alternative to a plain white: I have different colours from classic to bright, and stripes in different widths; the sleeve lengths vary as well!”

“Blouses are another favourite: Well-cut and fitted, rather than large and baggy. I usually wear them buttoned up and tucked in, for a stylish look.”

“For winter I have pullovers in wool and cashmere, slightly oversized but cropped — I really look for quality with these pieces.”

“Another absolute staple, though not directly from my cupboard is an orange-red toned lipstick. I don’t wear much makeup, but this shade pulls my look together perfectly. Lady Danger by MAC is a favourite.”

What piece of clothing is an absolute essential?

“Definitely a blazer. I always pack one when I travel, even if it’s summer or very warm weather. It changes the look of an outfit so quickly. I have a small collection of different styles and fabrics; asymmetric pieces are my favourite. Big shoulders are also a feature I love.”

How did you develop your personal style?

“It’s taken a while to find what works best for me and what I love. I made some mistakes in my 20s, buying pieces that were ‘in fashion’, some of them quite expensive, and I never ended up wearing them because they didn’t suit me. Now that I’ve found my style, I find myself sticking to it, but I love staying open to experimenting and trying new things.” 

How do you decide to buy a new piece of clothing?

“I have a very small wardrobe, so I’m very selective about what I buy. A question I ask myself a lot is how a new piece would go with what I already have. When I’m looking for something new, a top or a tee for example, I try to sell or donate a piece I already have before getting a new one. This doesn’t always work, but I really try sticking with this philosophy.”

How do you define femininity?

“For me, it’s about the energy you give off, how confident and comfortable you feel in what you wear and how you move. A woman could be wearing a really tight, figure-defining dress which could be considered feminine and sexy, but if she feels uncomfortable in it, it shows — and that’s not nice, in my opinion. I don’t believe there’s a set definition of what feminine is in terms of clothing, length of hair or amount of makeup. Each woman is special in her own way and she needs to unlock that.”

Three favourite outfits?

“For a casual day around town, I’d pick a striped top, jeans and sandals or sneakers. I’ll pull on a slightly oversized boyfriend-style jacket over.”

“For summer, I love wearing a pair of slacks paired with a casual top and a pair of sandals, maybe in a bright colour.”

“For a night out, or when I’m playing in a club, I’ll wear high-waisted black culottes that are slightly cropped, a sleeveless top and a stylish dark blazer. I’ll finish off the look with glittery ankle boots or high-heeled mules.”

Thank you for your time, Bea! For more of her style, follow her on Instagram. She’s also available for personal appointments.