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DIE NEUN | Best ice cream spots in Frankfurt

Are you as obsessed with ice cream as we are? Let’s be honest: Life is just so much better with delicious ice cream in it! The sun is shining and the summer vibes are making us crave gelato all day – every day. Discover the best spots Frankfurt has to offer – including vegan options. Follow us on this yummy journey! We are serving you pure happiness (and the best ice cream spots in Frankfurt).

Foto: @eissalonfirenze

1 | Eissalon Firenze

This spot enjoys the pole position on the river bank of the Main. Enjoying your ice cream will feel like a mini vacation. For a scoop of Bella Italia, we recommend ordering the “Cioccolato fondente di Pernigotti” – a dark chocolate ice cream that makes all your ice cream dreams come true. Or try “Limone e basilico”(lemon and basil) – for that instant high summer feeling. Fresh, yummy and lemony!

Walther-von-Cronberg-Platz 13 | Frankfurt (Sachsenhausen)

Foto: @betsioi

2 | Bizziice

Ice cream makes you happy! This is the credo of Bizziice – and we could not agree more. At their two outlets in Frankfurt located in Sachsenhausen and Nordend, you can choose between a great variety of different flavours – the range goes from unique combinations, like “almond-cardamom” and “chai” to classic ones, like “raspberry”. All flavours are organic and taste simply amazing. And don’t forget to check out their plant-based options, some of our favourites include “pineapple- coriander”, “green smoothie”, “orange-mint” or “sour cherry”!

Wallstraße 26 / Ecke Brückenstraße | Frankfurt (Sachsenhausen)
Koselstraße 42 | Frankfurt (Nordend)

Foto: @theplantlycompassion

3 | Rosa Canina

Berlin calling: This organic ice cream heaven has landed from the German capital, oozing cooler than cool vibes. Try trendy flavours like “white chocolate with ginger”, “rhubarb” or “raspberry with basil” and enjoy the wild ride. The pristine combinations will make your taste buds have a party. And the vegan options do not disappoint either.

Spohrstraße 41 | Frankfurt (Nordend)

Foto: @_captcha

4 | Coccola – Die Eismacher

If out of the ordinary is what you are looking for, look no further. Coccola proves that you don’t need any dairy to make yummy gelato! This vegan hotspot will surprise you with its bespoke flavours such as “applesauce”, “bretzel”, “yogurt- wasabi” or “avocado”. We are obsessed!

Luisenstraße 19, Frankfurt (Nordend)

5 | ANTIPODEAN gelato

The boutique vibe of this latest addition to the Bornheim gelato scene offers you a curated selection of ice cream, made with lots of love by the owner Rachel. Everything is prepared ‘from scratch’, with a special focus on high-quality ingredients. One scoop for you, one scoop for the planet: the ice cream cups and spoons are compostable. Yes, please! Have a look here as well.

Bornheimer Landstraße 18, Frankfurt (Bornheim)

Foto: @ngngmylinh2502

6 | Fontanella

Oldie but goldie: At this family-run ice cream parlour established in 1957, you’ll find everything your heart craves. Famous for their homemade spaghetti ice and Coccobello cups, Fontanella also offers a delivery service allowing you to order your favourite ice cream (XXL family packs) directly to your doorstep every Friday from 6-8pm. How cool is that?

Kaiserstraße 35, Frankfurt (Bahnhofsviertel)

Foto: @eismilano_ffm

7 | Eis Milano

You can never go wrong with a visit to Eis Milano: With its two locations on Schweizer Straße (and in Bad Vilbel) this gem gets its sustainable and organic ingredients from regional suppliers. And trust us, you can taste the attention to detail in every scoop. Try the “banana split”, “Spaghetti Carbonara” or “eggnog sundae” and if you’re in a hurry or do not want to queue just pre-order online and pick it up at Eis Milano.

Schweizer Str. 22 + Schweizer Str. 69, Frankfurt (Sachsenhausen)

Foto: @foodbabyonitsway

8 | Marie Feines Eis

Home-made, natural ingredients, vegan options – we just LOVE Marie Feines Eis. The owners Christina Sell and Markus Becker realized their dream of establishing their own café in 2017. You won’t find any artificial flavours or preservatives here, instead natural ingredients are used to create the creamiest scoops of joy. Try classic flavours like “chocolate”, “vanilla” or “strawberry” or enjoy the freshly made “pistachio-” or “poppy gelato.” Have a look at our blogpost.

Saalburgstrasse 38, Frankfurt (Bornheim)

9 | Olimpio

70’s vibe for the win: With its laid-back charm, Olimipio at Oeder Weg does not disappoint when you are on the hunt for the most adventurous flavour combinations: How about a scoop of “turmeric chia” or “cream cheese and olives”? It’s so good, you’ll never want to leave this place again and the ice cream parlor definitely earned its place in our guide for the best ice cream spots in Frankfurt.

Oeder Weg 58
60318 Frankfurt

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