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Coffee Cake Culture – A Stroll down Schweizer Strasse

Cake, glorious cake! One of our favourite German traditions is Kaffee und Kuchen – Coffee and cake. A kind of equivalent to British High Tea. The Schweizer Strasse in Sachsenhausen is one of those streets that has its own cultural flair. It is a German boulevard with countless cafes, bakeries, bars, restaurants and shops.

In the summer it has its own festival, establishments open up their windows and doors and you could almost think you were in southern Europe. Unlike Frankfurt‘s historic city centre parts of Sachsenhausen were left untouched during the war leaving a number of beautiful old villas and wonderful town houses largely intact. The tram runs along almost the whole length of the street making it easily accessible to all.

Where to start

Luckily for us, cafes are allowed to offer take out during the lockdown. If you’ve not visited Schweizer Strasse for a while we highly recommend it. There are some relatively new additions and some forgotten gems large which all contribute their certain something to the coffee cake culture. You can of course take the U-Bahn to Schweizer Platz but this lands you right in the middle of the street. We prefer to walk from start to finish.

It’s a glorious albeit cold sunny afternoon in late February. We leave the towering skyscrapers of downtown Mainhattan and cross the Untermainbrücke to enter Schweizer Strasse. Just 30 meters down the street and we are greeted with our first café.

Café Wacker – Family Traditions

This is the latest location in Frankfurt and has a crisp clean finish. Black and white flag stones line the floor and the café is crowned by two extravagant chandeliers. Wacker’s Kaffee is a family-owned business which has been roasting coffee since 1914.  There are a huge variety of coffee roasts to choose from plus many cake classics such as cheese cake and carrot cake. It’s the perfect place to warm our chilled hands on a cup of cappuccino before exploring the rest of the street.

Café Wacker | Schweizer Str. 18 | 60596 Frankfurt am Main

We wander on past das Erbgut, a classic German restaurant with a twist and Taj Mahal, trendy Indian dining. We notice the coffee cups in hand and the bakery bags en masse. It’s definitely Kaffee und Kuchen time! On the crossing with Garten Strasse there’s stiff competition.

Hucks Lieblingsplatz – Lots of Love

This favourite corner place has an amazing assortment of all kinds of sweet bakery treats from Bread rolls and Bienenstich to Donauwelle and Frankfurter Kranz. You’ll immediately recognise it by the yellow hearts painted on all the large windows. This bakery is very popular especially on Sunday. However, on the opposite side of Garten Strasse is a place that makes queuing look like an everyday normality.

Hucks Lieblingsplatz Frankfurt | Schweizer Str. 30 | 60594 Frankfurt am Main

Zeit Für Brot

This is the newest addition to the Schweizer Strasse bakery scene and it’s definitely a highlight. Zeit Für Brot, meaning ‘time for bread’ Is an organic bakery from Frankfurt with a strong story. It prides itself on only using organic naturally sourced ingredients. It is a sustainable company that works with regional partners and donates any excess product to the needy. The focus on quality is evident in their sweet and doughy cinnamon rolls. Fresh out of the oven these things are pure heaven. With a huge variety there’s always a reason to keep coming back.

The only down side is that word has already gotten around. Expect to queue for up to 15 minutes to get your hands sticky (literally). We recommend the apple Cinnamon roll or just classic cinnamon. Their branch on Oederweg is more established and hence even more popular so we recommend trying this one out first. (Fingers crossed that they finally open on Kaiser Strasse). Just a quick tip! Make sure to clean your hands before you open that package of heavenly sweetness, as you are going to want to lick your fingers clean.

Zeit für Brot | Schweizer Str. 32 | 60594 Frankfurt am Main

And the list goes on..

If you don’t like waiting there is an Eifler bakery right next to Zeit Für Brot. And another one a hundred meters further down the street. Familiar for it’s bold yellow and red branding Eifler has amazing olive and mixed seed rolls. They also have a ton of offers where you can get significant discounts with coupon codes.

Two doors down Sachsenhäuser Feinbäckerei is perfect for those who want to spruce up their cake with a few bubbles. They offer popular cocktails such as Campari Orange, Aperol Spritz and Hugo along with homemade vegan and glutein free cake. On the opposite side of the street is another caffein fix opportunity with Balzac coffee (they closed due to the lockdown but will open up again soon).

Walk a few meters further to the roundabout and you will see Moka. An artisan coffee house offering a range of products including soups, cake and of course coffee. Powered on by our caffeine and sugar induced rush we spy a Kaiser bio bakery opposite the Oxfam shop. This is unfortunately closed on Sundays but maybe it’s for the best as we are already spoilt for choice. A couple of meters further on and we are greeted with the next queue. And no wonder here again is something a little special.

La Maison du Pain – A little taste of France

This is a bakery and café specializing in fresh pastries. the Croissants are to die for and may evoke distant memories of that summer trip you made to Paris. The Baguette will definitely bring memories of beautiful Strasbourg flooding back as you bite into the crusty outer shell and sense the soft fluffy centre. This is one of a kind in Frankfurt. The other locations are in Wiesbaden, Darmstadt and Sulzbach.

La Maison du Pain | Schweizer Str. 63 | 60594 Frankfurt am Main

We are now in a slightly narrower stretch of Schweizer Strasse. The tall Platana trees line both sides of the street. There are shops, cafes restaurants and bars on either side, the tram slings up and down on its way to Süd Bahnhof and the atmosphere is always cheery regardless of the weather. Aside from café’s and bakeries here are two of Frankfurt’s oldest Apple Wine Restaurants. Zum Gemalten Haus and Apfelwein Wagner. Institutions by themselves and well worth a visit but that’s for another time when the restaurants are fully open and running as usual. If you do fancy a schnitzel or some fried potatoes Wagners is even offering take out. The selection and offer of locations on Schweitzer Strasse can be daunting. However, we would like to draw your attention to a tiny hidden Gem at the end of this street.

Café Monza – #Amoretogo

This is a mini-Italian coffee bar. It is authentic in design complete with a black and white flagstone floor and an opulent chandelier hanging from the high ceiling. The place is barley large enough to squeeze in five guests. Not a problem now that everything is ‘to go’. There is a generous selection of Italian sweet pastries and the coffee is up there with the some of the best. As you would expect people don’t just come for the coffee but also for the banter and light hearted atmosphere this place provides.

Café Monza | Schweizer Str. 73 | 60594 Frankfurt am Main

Sundays are days for you, yourself and I to enjoy, kick back and relax. Indulge yourself in a cinnamon role, splurge on coffee, take a piece of carrot cake to go and a cheese cake for tomorrow. Most important of all is to get out and explore your city. There are adventures waiting for you. Go to them! When cake and coffee are involved anything can happen.

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