DIE NEUN | 9 Unbeatable Views of Frankfurt City

If you are anything like us then you love to explore the city and discover wonderful new perspectives. Frankfurt is a city in motion. Always evolving ever growing. The skyline is not static but in a constant state of change. Pictures taken a couple of years ago no longer reflect the Frankfurt of today. And with many architectural projects under way or in the planning what we see today only hints at what might be in 5 years time. Luckily for us the city is still small and compact and very easy to get around. Sick and tired of your own four walls? Then Join us on our quest for the best views of FFM.

1 | Oosten we love you

Are you surprised by this one? I think we know the answer to this. Undoubtedly, you’ve all seen this view before. But hey that’s ok, and if not? Well, now you really have no more excuses.  We just couldn’t leave this one out. It has become somewhat of a trademark of the city. Whether from the Deutschherrnbrücke, the Oosten platform or the Mainside walkway this view of the skyline is unbeatable. The ECB and Linder hotel tower act as a perfect frame to take in the city skyline. Rippling water, passing boats, wide open sky… all make for unique pictures where no two are ever the same. Morning or evening it is always worth taking a walk down just to turnaround and gaze at the city in awe.

2 | Emser Bridge/Theodor-Heuss-Allee – Urban Artery

Theodor-Heuss-Allee is one of Frankfurt’s central arteries. This view is best experienced by car. Driving in from the A648 you are suddenly surrounded by sky scrapers. Dwarfed on all sides, if you didn’t know it before you will understand why Frankfurt is so often compared to the big apple. It’s also worth a look on foot. Standing on the Emser Bridge with the train rushing by behind you, the racing road beneath your feet and towers rising in front of your eyes it’s easy to get excited.

It offers a stark contrast to the Oosten look out. Lush green grass, deep cool water and an open blue sky is substituted with brick brown, steel grey towers. The urban jungle pulls you further in. Banks, hotels, offices, car makers and commercial real estate on all sides. It’s definitely worth a drive and if you don’t have a car why not take a stroll.

3 | Camberger Bridge – Industrial Man-Made Beauty

This view has become a favourite Insta hot spot in recent years. And with good reason. It is a unique raw view of Frankfurt from the train tracks. The size and scale of the station and railway is laid bare from this angle. Rusted iron, raw steel and gleaming glass all come together to create an industrial collage of man-made beauty. This view is only going to get better with the old Commerzbank building to the left set for a new renovation. This is a popular route with joggers and cyclists as it links busy Mainzer Landstrasse  with West-Hafen and the Main river.

4 | Main Tower – Glorious Landmark

Our list would not be complete without a view of the city in the city. The Main tower viewing deck is one of a kind as you are outside under the elements with no glass or mesh to obstruct the view. This tower observation deck is a must do on every tourist’s itinerary. The gleaming blue glass tower is an instantly recognisable landmark of Frankfurt. On a clear day it offers spectacular views in every direction. As soon as it is reopens we’ll definitely take the elevator up to get the insider’s view of the inner city once again.

5 | Goetheturm – Canopy View

The Goetheturm, a monument that every Frankfurter is proud of, has been resurrected and will open again in 2021. Reconstructed in all its former glory, this predominately wooden tower rises over the forest trees. This is one of our favourite spots to view the city from. Presented with a lush green canopy of deciduous forest in the foreground it gives way to a splendid city panorama. From this angle the city is laid out in a horizontal line making it appear an entirely different shape than from the previous four perspectives. The tower is closed in the winter months. However, it’s still worth a trip to explore this part of the forest which boasts numerous bike trails and walk ways for relaxation.

6 | Eschborn and surrounding fields – An evening stroll

You heard it right! Eschborn…at least the open fields and walk ways surrounding it. This tax rich city has more to offer than just office cubicles and canteen banter. Yes, Eschborn is famous for the corporations that are based here, but it also boasts some impressive views of the city. Catch the S3 or S4 to Eschborn Süd. Walk the 1 km to the office and hotel cluster and from here you can pick your way across the open fields. Alternatively catch the S5 to Weißkirchen/Steinbach. There is a cycle lane and walk ways through the fields. Wander back towards Frankfurt and be amazed by the city views.

7 | Neu Falkenstein – Fortress look out

This has to be one of our favourite spots to view the city from afar. Perched up high on the hill, this castle ruin boasts wonderful valley views all the way to Frankfurt. The fortress’ outer walls are still intact and it is open during the summer months. The real gem however, is not inside the castle walls but outside. 20 meters to the right is a second smaller outcrop of rock with a tight observation deck and pagoda built onto it. From here you can see the whole plain stretching out as far as the eye can see. The skyline is dwarfed by the panoramic vastness of this view. Make sure to pick a clear day for this trip and avoid the weekend as it can get busy.

8 | Opel Zoo – Animal Friendly Panorama

There are several spots to catch a breath-taking view of the city from and around Opel Zoo. The added bonus of the roadside bench view is that Opel Zoo lies between you and Frankfurt. Don’t be surprised if a deer or a whole herd of them wanders into the foreground. If you fancy a stroll, why not take the Philosophers Weg to Kronberg. This winds through (currently around) Opel Zoo and leads directly into the heart of historic Kronberg city. If you like fluffy Alpacas and panorama views of Frankfurt then this is a must do for you.

9 | Lohrberg – A Frankfurter classic

Last but not least. This classic day trip destination had to make the list. The Lohrberg is a Frankfurt favourite and easily reachable by bike. This hilly outcrop provides yet another altogether different view of Frankfurt. The smooth green slope gives way to dappled trees before the familiar skyline breaks the horizon. Whether you are new in town, a seasoned local or just in need of fresh perspectives the Lohrberg is always worth a trip and when combined with a bike ride it counts as exercise. 

We hope you enjoyed our city view discovery. Was anything new or did you know all these spots already? We love to hear from you, let us know which view was your favourite.

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