Welcome to the team: Meet “The Frankfurt Edit”!

We are very happy to announce that we teamed up with “The Frankfurt Edit” to provide you with more english posts. Get to know the wonderful women behind that cool idea, Janice and Kelly. And stay tuned for some exciting posts to come!

Kelly and Janice, you are a dreamteam! Where and when did you two first meet?
We were introduced by a mutual friend, god bless Steph’s soul! We met on a week day morning at the Holy Cross coffee shop, both secretly excited with a slight twist of apprehension! 6 hours later the apprehension was gone and we knew we’d found our partners in crime. Little did we know that a few short months later TFE would be born and that ‘partners in crime’ would extend to include business!

Why did you start “The Frankfurt Edit”? What’s the idea behind it?
The Frankfurt Edit was born out of necessity. Having moved to Frankfurt, we realised just how little information we had access to in English about the city we were so desperately trying to integrate ourselves into. With some (very time consuming) research we saw how many cool events and places we were missing out on.

In the days that followed “The Frankfurt Edit” (TFE) was born. We took it upon ourselves to find, discover and share! Where to shop, where to eat, where to get the best coffee in town and of course where to go for a fun night out! Finally, we wanted more than just the run of the mill. We wanted personality, character and to find those places that dare to do something different!

In essence TFE hopes to be your ‘inspirational best friend’ showing you the coolest and best bits of Frankfurt, because trust us, there are plenty!!

How do you come up with new topics?
Our topics have been somewhat of an evolution. Initially it was solely about things we wanted to know and couldn’t find.  From there the focus shifted to the amazing people we were meeting doing incredible things in and around Frankfurt. Now we like to mix it up – the basic principle however always remains constant, we like it to have a little humour whilst telling you about something cool that we’ve discovered! 

What’s your favourite spot in Frankfurt?
Kelly: Osthafen – I absolutely love the area around Osthafen. A bit run down but also new at the same time. I’m a sucker for industrial spaces and the Osthafen has it. I also love sitting down at Ostend for a coffee and watching all the people pass by. My second favourite place would have to be the book shop in form of the Kleinmarkthalle, Buchhandlung Walther König, it has the best selection of art books. I could literally spend hours in there.

Janice: Schirn – I initially thought perhaps this was a slight cliché, but my love of the Schirn goes beyond their exhibitions it extends to the space itself!  The large glass atrium, the rooms (some with expansive windows overlooking the skyline whilst others are the perfect ode to the ‘white cube’ theory). And the fact that they have a space specifically dedicated to help mould and shape my little humans’ minds.  Helping them to create positive thoughts towards museums and things often described as ‘adult’ and boring! In terms of where I probably spend the most time: Meridian Spa – hands down best gym I’ve ever joined!

Where can I meet you in person?
By day you’ll find in our favourite coffee spots (most likely Bohnerie). By night… where’s the party??!!! You can also always find us on social media and we tend to be a rather friendly duo! With that said we are also up for a coffee or a drink, so hit us up!