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With rising city temperatures and lockdown gym restrictions, it can be hard for all of us to muster the motivation for some daily exercise. Not everyone is a natural-born runner, but everyone can enjoy jogging or running even for the very first time. With these top jogging routes around Frankfurt, you can certainly still feel inspired to get out of the (home) office, escape the hub-ub of the bustling city and take in a daily dose of fresh air in some of the most beautiful green spaces in the city.

Text: Rebecca

1 | Stadtzentrum Main-side 

The quintessential Frankfurt city tour. Even born and bred Frankfurters can still be blown away by the sunrise or sunset views along the Mainkai cycle paths. Traverse the river’s central bridges to flexibly increase or decrease your day’s mileage. And snap the perfect instagram shot of the old town from the Alte Brücke. 

Have a look at Frankfurter Runde to get three different routes along the Mainufer with some extra workout videos:

Jogging Mainufer City

2 | Grüngürtel 

Even in the heart of the Innenstadt, in Frankfurt it is always possible to surround yourself in greenery. Slalom between stretches of nature and contrast with the beautiful man-made architecture of the Opernplatz. To the East, meander in the Bethmann Park and transport yourself further east through the wonder of the Garten des Himmlischen Friedens.

Click here for an overview.

Jogging Grüngürtel Oper

3 | Grüneburgpark 

If you head to the Grüneburgpark for some serenity and clarity of thought, then you’ll find yourself in good company; a favourite stomping ground of the greats, Goethe and von Arnim. Now, due to its location adjacent to the university, modern day thinkers can also be found lounging across benches or meeting with friends. Its “jardin-anglais” style winding paths create the illusion of travelling vast distances within its boundaries.

Jogging Grueneburgpark

4 | Stadtwald

A forest on the cusp of the city metropolis? Only in Frankfurt. This maze of woodland trails provides infinite new routes to explore. For first-timers, take the S-Bahn to Frankfurt-Louisa and follow the paths along the Luderbach to pass-by a selection of top sights and scenes from the Königsbrünnchen to Monte Scherbelino.

Have a look here.

Jogging Stadtwald

5 | Rebstockpark

A stone’s throw from the neighbourhoods of Gallus and Bockenheim, the tranquility of the Rebstockpark is hard to beat. Be sure to loop around the lake at dawn or dusk to spot the family of Coypus (burrow-dwelling water mammals). Still feeling strong? Extend your run down the deserted driveway to the Messe to ace that sprint finish. 

Jogging Rebstockpark

6 | Main West

A dramatic escape from the city, the mainside paths west of the university hospital reveal the hidden treasures of Niederrad. Cross the bridge onto the peninsula to discover the eclectic Licht und Luftbad secret garden and uncover a new perspective of the Main’s downstream yacht moorings. Finish your run at the north bank’s Orange Beach bar, nestled under the Alte Niederräder Brücke. 

Jogging Mainufer West

7 | Ostend 

Beyond the reach of the Flößerbrücke, the riverside promenade empties, creating space and freedom for even the most reluctant athlete to stretch their legs and their potential. Take the northside route and snake through the industrial district of Osthafen on your way to the Blaues Wasser restaurant and bar, just before the Kaiserleibrücke – a beautiful spot to watch the city light up each evening.

Click here for our Ostend Spaziergang.

Jogging Ostend

8 | Nidda 

Accessible from almost every northern district, the Nidda snakes around the neighbourhoods of the Nordweststadt, forming the perfect loop for any long distance pro looking to rack up the step count – alternatively, those looking for a gentler route can follow the riverside path parallel to the S6 line and hop the S-bahn back home.

Have look here for an English Lauftreff-Page:

Jogging Nidda

9 | Ostpark 

The eastern hub for athletes, thanks to its impressive sports facilities, well-maintained paths and gentle slopes create a runner’s paradise. If you have a furry friend keen to join in the fun, head north along the Rose-Schlösinger-Anlage to meet a flurry of dog walkers and joggers alike. 

Jogging Ostpark

Wherever you’re able to walk, jog or run, outdoor exercise is great for your mental and physical health and an essential way to beat any home office blues. Remember to wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water on hot summer excursions while you dedicate some time to explore our breathtaking city by foot!

Two city maps for more inspiration are waiting for you!

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