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Three must-visit Restaurants around Bahnhofsviertel

Finally spring is here, a perfect time for new adventures and new culinary sensations. When was the last time you tried something new? We just couldn’t let these three new openings pass you by without a mention. Since December 2021, things have been moving fast in and around Bahnhofsviertel with several closures, rebrands and new openings. Today, we bring you three of the latest eateries which now call Bahnhofsviertel and Gallus their new home.

Vollständig in gelb gestalteter Gastraum


Münchener Straße 9 | Frankfurt | Bahnhofsviertel

The previous Eat Fit Daily restaurant has now been replaced by modern oriental cuisine with bold flair. After two months of renovations, Hana opened its doors on 18th March. We think, the renovation was totally worth it. If there’s ever a space that comes insta-approved, it’s Hana. The main dining space is starkly divided into two distinct areas by strong pink and bright blue tones. Not just the walls are painted pink and blue but the tables, chairs and just about everything else as well. The real eye-catcher is at the back of the establishment. The yellow room with a smiley surprise! Don’t miss the garden strip, which will be perfect on a summer’s evening.

So it might look nice, but what does it actually have to offer? Along with creamy espresso,  delightful cake and bottomless breakfast, Hana offers tasty oriental fusion with a twist. Bowls, pitas, burgers, wraps and tortillas make up the bulk of the menu with many sides to match. Vegan and vegetarian options means, there is something for everyone here. With generous portions you will leave this place feeling fully satisfied. The smashed beef almond comes highly recommended, as does the oriental bowl and lightly seasoned fries. No plans for the weekend? Why not head on down to Münchener Straße and give your tastebuds a treat?

Cocktails und Speisen auf rosa Tisch vor pinker Fliesenwand
Türkise Raumgestaltung trifft auf pinke
Außenansicht Ribs N Booze


Ottostraße 19 | Frankfurt | Gallus

There is now one more reason to venture into Gallus. Opposite Stanley, and just around the corner from NOX and 19zehn, Ribs n’ Booze quietly opened up in February 2022.

You can expect a mixture of American and Asian BBQ, paired with exquisite cocktails to wash away those stressful office days. Why not try the Thai-glazed ribs for an asian twist on this American classic? If ribs are too messy for you, then there’s always burgers including vegetarian options. Rice bowls add some refreshing variety to this fusion kitchen and of course you can expect well-known sides, such as wings, nuggets, coleslaw and French fries.  

The restaurant area is cosy, the vibe social, the service hip and the guests high-spirited. In summer, they boast streetside dining and relaxed cocktails. Located a hop, skip and jump away from Hauptbahnhof, this place is ideal for an evening meal.

Chicken Wings
Blick in den Gastraum mit Wandbeschriftung "NXT GEN KBP"


Moselstraße 8 | Frankfurt | Bahnhofsviertel

Next Generation Kebap had its soft opening last December. Kebab shop owner Tarik has taken family recipes and personal insights to combine ancient culinary traditions with a modern twist. The menu is extensive and experimental. You can choose from Urban Meal Deals, Pita Bread Solos or Salad Bowls. 

Cheese lovers, sweet tooths and culinary explorers will be delighted. All items can be ordered as vegetarian with roasted feta or falafel as the meat substitute. There is a generous list of extra toppings, including kidney beans and roasted onions. Exotic sauces, such as mango curry and Nar Eskisi, and rich creams, including avocado and orient cream, can also be added for that extra special tastebud tingle.

Located on Moselstraße in Bahnhofsviertel across the street from Yaldy, you can eat in, eat out or order take-out. So for the next „Mittagspause“ – why not drop by NXT GEN KBP to satisfy those savoury cravings?

Döner Kebap

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Frittierte Speisen auf kariertem Tablett
bunte Herzen
Poke Bowl
Döner Kebap mit Pommes
Pinkes Interieur
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