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Discovering Bockenheimer Landstrasse

One of the best ways to lift those winter blues is to get out on foot and take a walk through one of Frankfurt’s grandest neighbourhoods. In our opinion, the Bockenheimer Landstrasse is one of those streets that is highly underrated. It is a grand central east-west axis which runs right through the heart of south Westend. At just 1.6 kilometres, it is certainly more of a bijou boulevard than a traffic-heavy Landstrasse.

Contrary to popular belief, Bockenheimer Landstrasse is not only home to banks, insurance firms and consulates but also numerous cafes, restaurants and bars.

The best way to explore these hidden gems is on foot. We start our tour at Opernplatz. The old opera house and square with its shooting fountain is a highlight and must-see for anyone visiting Frankfurt.

Walking down towards Bockenheimer Warte, our gaze is instantly drawn to the bold yellow and white lines of what looks like a bustling hotspot. Right opposite the Rothschildpark on the left-hand side of the street is Sunny Side Up.

Alte Oper Bockenheimer
Rothschildpark 1
Alte Oper Bockenheimer 2

Sunny Side Up

Bockenheimer Landstrasse 9 | Frankfurt Westend | @sunnysideup.ffm

Sunny Side Up is a self-described world breakfast club. Everything began with the phrase “I want my eggs sunny side up, please!”. This came from Don, Ana Maria’s grandpa who always wanted his eggs done right when she was a little girl. Breakfast is king, but that’s only the half of it. Sunny Side Up serves breakfast classics the whole day long such as pancakes, French toast and Açai bowls.

Superfood lunch is not to be missed as well as the homemade lemonade, freshly pressed juices and coffee specialities. Sunny Side Up is 100% vegetarian, 100% fresh and free from artificial flavourings and sweeteners.

This is the perfect way to start the day with breakfast, coffee, juices and more. The Westend location on this bijou boulevard is the second of two.

If you choose a savoury breakfast and feel like taking an extra sugar infusion, just a few meters further up the street on the right-hand side is Café Brixia Pasticceria.

Café Brixia Pasticceria

Bockenheimer Landstraße 42-44 | Frankfurt Westend | @cafebrixiapasticceria

This Italian family-run Pasticceria opened in March 2017. The sweet pastry team is led by confectioner creative Paolo. If you’re looking for Italian flair with family feeling, then this is a must-visit. Brixia places great focus on in-house creations and all products are sourced directly from Brescia at Lake Garda. They offer Pasticcini, cakes, tarts, Aperitivo and Italian ice cream.

The wild mix of corporate glass and concrete headquarters contrasted with grand pillars and red sandstone is one of the reasons we love strolling this street.

Brixia 1

One for the bucket list and coming soon is:

Gregor’s Boutique Vinothek

Bockenheimer Landstraße 47 | Frankfurt Westend | @gregors.wein

If this sounds familiar to you, then it’s probably because of Liebesdienste on Oeder Weg. After five years on the Oeder Weg, Gregor Bernd has decided to try out a new location here on the Bockenheimer Landstrasse. Gregor is planning to focus on small European family-owned wineries.

The majority of his wine sortiment comes from Italy and France. The 200-square-meter wine space will not only house elegant bottles, but will also incorporate space for wine tasting and – who knows – maybe one or two creative events.

The opening is planned for this year, but as yet, there is no date. We continue to hop from one side of the street to the next making sure to look out for the cyclists.

Gregors 1
Gregors 2

Elaine’s Restaurant

Bockenheimer Landstraße 38-40 | Frankfurt Westend | / / @3015dayandnight

New modern meets urban living: Just a hop, skip and jump up the street on the right-hand side you will see THE FLAG West M. It’s a modern new concept living space with a business hotel, serviced apartments and student apartments. Bringing these spaces together, on the ground floor is Elaine’s Restaurant which includes bar 3015. The four numbers 3015 tell the story of how it all began. They represent the colour code of the first Elaine’s location.

Elaine’s Restaurant is a self-styled creative hub for visionaries, workaholics, globals and locals. Located in the heart of Westend and towards the middle of Bockenheimer Landstrasse, this is the perfect location for a lavish lunch, evening drinks or an energetic conversation in creative company.

From new, urban, hip to traditional heritage: Just a few meters further up on the left-hand side of the Bockenheimer Boulevard is Café Laumer.

Café Laumer

Bockenheimer Landstraße 67 | Frankfurt Westend | @cafe_laumer

Café Laumer is not just a cafe but has been a legendary meeting place for over a century. It opened in 1919 and has been delighting young, old and everything in between for generations. Café Laumer is all about producing new creations without forgetting the valuable traditions of old. There is a wide array on offer with everything from breakfast, bistro service and patisserie to a simple coffee or tea. This is the perfect place to pass an afternoon in historic tradition and experience a true piece of Frankfurt culture.

Diagonally opposite Café Laumer another treat is in store for us.

Bockenheimer Titelbild

Le Bistro 66

Bockenheimer Landstraße 66 | Frankfurt Westend | @lebistro66

The bistro is the perfect blend of French patisserie sweets and wholesome lunch staples offering generous air conditioned seating inside with a large outdoor terrace in the summer. It also includes a bakery which can get pretty busy at the weekend. Dogs are more than welcome. And you can also order take-away.

We are now reaching the upper end of the Bockenheimer Landstrasse. The chestnut tree-lined pavement has opened up slightly to give us a broader view of the curving street as we near the Bockenheimer Warte.

I don’t know about you – but after all that I’m pretty stuffed. However, we just have time for one more stop which is not food- or drink-related.

Le Bistro 66 1
Le Bistro 66 2
Le Bistro 66 3

Kleine Blütengalerie

Bockenheimer Landstraße 124 | Frankfurt Westend | @kleine_bluetengalerie

Last but not least, with the Bockenheimer Warte in plain sight, it’s worth taking a quick pit stop at the Kleine Blütengalerie. You’ll find this on the right-hand side of the Bockenheimer Landstrasse under the arches.

It’s a petit cute florist which has been running for over 30 years. Kirsten and her other half have been exciting customers for many years with their creative passion for flowers. The cut flowers and plants are gathered fresh everyday from the flower market before the shop opens so as to guarantee the newest and most fresh arrangements.

Blüten Galerie
Blütengalerie 2
Blütengalerie 3

With full bellies, that wonderful coffee rush and maybe some flowers in toe we have arrived at the Bockenheimer Warte. Across the far side, the way leads into Leipziger Strasse which is a city district unlike no other. Join us again on our next exploration of this amazing city.

Bockenheimer Warte
Benjamin Donaldson

British born European. Loves exercise and the outdoors. After stints in China, South East Asia and Australia now calls Frankfurt his home. Has a soft spot for champagne and can never get enough schnitzel. Avid traveller and keen photographer.

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