Sandweg’s most fascinating places

Sandweg is one of those streets that are shadowed by the bigger, iconic streets parallel to them. Little many people know: They have their own charm to offer. Those who walk through this street during an occasional stroll around Berger Straße usually see just numerous retail stores and restaurants. But they overlook the street’s most interesting venues that are spotted by frequent visitors or appreciated by local residents. Based on recommendations, personal favorites from locals and own experiences, we’ve collected for you a handful of places that deserve a special glance:

Das Jazz Café "Mampf" von außen

Mampf Jazzlokal

Sandweg 64

The Mampf is one of Frankfurt’s most iconic jazz pubs – probably known by most of the city’s long-established residents but definitely experienced by its jazz enthusiasts. Often derived as Frankfurt’s, if not Germany’s, smallest jazz club, the Mampf is popularly known for its pub scene, live shows, rustic cuisine, and smoky walls loaded with memories from past decades. The club has been entertaining all kinds of crowds with live jazz  concerts for 40 years and plans to continue for more. However, the Mampf is not only the place to go if you love jazz. The place is also worth a visit for anyone who enjoys an interesting variety in their late-night outings, a good Apfelwein, and timeless anecdotes.

Bilder an den Wänden in der Galerie Juan Bosco

Juan Bosco Art Gallery

Sandweg 46


For a more personal, particular experience with Frankfurt’s art scene we have a tip for you! Look for the small store with a black whale on its sign and earthy-toned paintings on vintage frames behind its windows. There, you’ll find the art gallery from Juan Bosco – a Spanish artist from Asturias. His life of growing up by the sea and following local tradition as a fisherman is reflected in his naturalistic oil paintings and watercolors. Bold yet minimalistic paintings from sea creatures are a big part of his style, but also animal and abstract landscapes, seascapes, and cityscapes are protagonists in his art.

At his gallery, you’d think you’ll only be finding singular paintings that would add a nifty touch to your home’s decor. But you also end up taking a conversation, perhaps a story or two, and a personal attachment along with them. Juan’s paintings are very requested both locally and internationally through his online shop. However, his gallery offers an added charm through its concept: an art gallery and studio during the day and an occasional space for open, spontaneous encounters with Frankfurt’s art scene over good music, company, and drinks at night.

Kaffee und Kuchenstücke

MokkaTeeria Bread & Sweets

Sandweg 10


Another Sandweg-specialty is the MokkaTeeria Bread & Sweets. Here classic bakery and coffeehouse-style meets a fusion of oriental and occidental cultures. This bakery nad patisserie is kind of Sandweg’s souvenir store you have to visit when around the area. It is beloved for its homemade products: a colorful variety of bread, cakes and sweets with their own singularity. However, the special oriental-occidental experience is extended to MokkaTeeria’s second location up in Heidestraße 149 in Bornheim. The MokkaTeerias coffeehouse is famous, as the name suggests, for its Mokka. A coffee style which requires a special preparation based on repeated boiling through a hot bed of sand. Its one of the oldest known ways of preparing coffee.

Holzvertäfeltes Interieur im Bangkok-Restaurant
Speisen des Bangkok Restaurants in kleinen Schüsseln

Bangkok Restaurant

Sandweg 17


Local food in Frankfurt is not necessarily limited to the Hessian cuisine. This city has been home to many cultures from around the world for many decades now! Thus the city has managed to make traditional international cuisine synonym to „typisch Frankfurt“. The Bangkok Restaurant is proof of that. This restaurant has been offering Frankfurt locals authentic Thai food since 1974 and is, in fact, the city’s first Thai restaurant. The family-run business continues to impress its longtime customers as well as newcomers with its unaltered menu of traditionally-made dishes and authentic Thai atmosphere. We see Bangkok Restaurant, not as one more food spot to eat Thai food in Frankfurt. The place has given local and traditional cuisine a new meaning and thus broken standards of what „Frankfurter“ food is.

Tische und Stühle auf der Terrasse der Sandbar


Sandweg 6


One of Sandweg’s favorite spots for a late evening is Sandbar. The bar has been serving local’s favorite gin, vodka and whisky long drinks for almost 20 years, making it one of Frankfurts oldest cocktail bars. Despite its long-standing presence in Frankfurt’s night scene, Sandweg has managed to maintain a modern, yet cozy style throughout the years. But what makes its customers come back are not necessarily the lounge atmosphere or its occasional live house gigs. Its the constant reinvention of cocktail varieties (especially in the gin section) the barkeepers achieve. 

There a few more places that are worth a stop:

Tibet Bistro

El Pacifico 

Michis Schokoatelier

Restaurant Buchholz

Luke’s Place 

Which place is your favourite? For other strolls have a look here.

Mural von Justus Becker
Buntes Mural
Andrea San Martin

Honduranisch, in Frankfurt seit 2016 unterwegs. Als Konzepterin in der Werbe- & Medienbranche tätig. Vor dem klischeehaften Adjektiv „kreativ, also eher chaotisch“ läuft sie nicht weg, aber auch nicht vor „irgendwie strukturiert“. Die Gastro- und Kultur-Szene Frankfurts interessiert sie besonders. Kulturelle Identität, ihr Heimatland Honduras & Frankfurt als neues Zuhause liegen ihr sehr am Herzen.

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